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Due to Corona lock-downs, I have only recently started the classes again as from June 2021.
I've restricted the groups to 4 instead of 7 so as to allow distancing.
I hope to get back to the larger groups in September - we will by then all be vaccinated.

I am a professional artist and experienced teacher.
My studio is well placed in the centre of Haarlem

My approach is to introduce into each lesson appropriate
attention to technique so that skills are developed simultaneously
with self expression and style. While observation of (set-up)
situations forms the foundation for personal imagery, we will cover
processes that can lead to various forms of expression or abstraction.

€21 a lesson - payable at the beginning of each month
quality water colour paper, paints, brushes and coffee, VAT.
Reduction: € 42 for 13 consecutive weeks in one payment.

€18,00 a lesson using your own material - payable per month.
Reduction: of € 36 for 13 consecutive weeks in one payment.
monday evening: 19.30 - 22.00
tuesday morning: 10.00 - 12.30
Z/W Vaas
Groene Vaas

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A short introduction about myself

I am British and trained in Fine Art at the Hornsey College of Art, London.

I have lived and worked in Holland since l977 and give watercolour classes to small groups
(max. 7 members) in my own studio in the centre of Haarlem.

In between continuing with my own work and exhibiting, I have been working for many years
as an Art Therapist in a psychiatric hospital/day centre.

Through my long experience in water colour painting I am able to teach a wide scope of
technique and expression. Working as far as possible from the real-life situation: still-life,
flower and green arrangements, the model by special arrangement and preparation for
landscape work, I cover the relevant techniques and build up a basis for each individual's development of interest and style. Within this framework it is possible to show how, by
paying regard to selective aspects of observation, technique and mood, a degree of abstraction can be discovered. This in itself results in a greater degree of individuality in
style and expression.

I have regretably decided not to run the outdoor workshops in 2021.
Next year back to normal I hope.

Buiten schilderen in de wei
Here we are in a field of gladioli just outside Haarlem – a lively scene with our folding chairs, side tables and umbrellas against the sun or a bit of rain.

Painting locations

Haarlem and its environs offer a wide range of picturesque places to paint such as the dunes, the river Spaarne, around Schoteroog en the town centre with its alms courts en pretty streets. We have painted the Molen de Adriaan, Lutherse Hof, Elswout, Brouwerskolk (see photo above), near Hageveld and along the Brouwersvaart en Houtmanpad.

General information about the Watercolour Classes 2017

During Penny Johnson's workshops she will encourage you to paint faster and looser.
The papersize is manageable and attention will be given to brushwork, composition and simplification.


Alternating Wednesday and Saturday afternoons 13.00 - 17.00


€ 30,00 incl. material
€ 25,00 excl. material

For single workshops, payment to be made in cash at the end of the workshop.

Reduction of 10% for a minimum of 5 workshops.

The reduction can be calculated when paid in advance for 5 workshops but can also be deducted from the cost of the 5th workshop. Any advance payments for workshops that have to be cancelled will naturally be refunded.


Participants can choose:

Incl. material:
stretched paper, set of real hair brushes, watercolour boxes, drawing materials, sketching and test papers, viewfinders, rags, tissues, water/verfpotten, evt. uitspaarmiddel. I will also provide seating and other useful equipment.

Excl. material:
Participants will bring their own drawing and painting matierals: For a small fee of €2,50 can a board with stretched Saunders Waterford watercolour papier be ordered.
Participants should bring their own seating etc. but I can, by special arrangement, help out with this.

If desired I can give advice about which materials the student may want to buy prior to the workshops. During the workshops I will be able to demonstrate the possibilities of various materials.


Below is an application form for all the workshops. One can also phone or email with your dates. Please let meknow at least 2 days before the date of the workshop.

If there is a group of minimum 3 friends that wish to book a workshop on another date/time please let me know - I am flexible.

Supply us please with your name, address, home and or mobile phone numbers. Also useful for me to know is how much experience if any a participant has, how you will be travelling to the venue (car, taxi, public transport or bike) or if a particular handicap may need special arrangements.

Everywhere in and around Haarlem that is fine to paint:
in the dunes, woods, parks, the western border, along the Spaarne river, the city centre with its alms courts, terraces with picturesque views etc.

There must be a minimum of 3 people. Confirmation of a workshop, including information about the chosen location and meeting point, will be sent by e-mail or if necessary by telephone.

In case of bad weather, Penny will be able to run the workshop in her studio at Gasthuisvest 23.

 Gift Voucher

Purchasing a specially designed gift voucher for a friend or family member can make a speciaal present, selecting either to the value of €25 or €30. This voucher may be used for any one workshop.

To register for summer water colour workshops in and around Haarlem, please select all the text in the Box first, copy into email and then fill the details in, marking with a cross where appropriate.



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Is there a birthday to celebrate?

Another special occasion?

A team activity for your company?

I give workshops in my studio or out of doors.

This could be a portrait workshop in pastel and charcoal in my sudio for max. 24 guests or a workshop on basic landscape painting in watercolour. You could surprise your guests with a workshop in the dunes or in your own garden.

There are so many workshop possibilites to think about and to negotiate.

To enquire about workshops at home in my studio or away, please select all the text in the Box first, copy into email and then fill the details in, marking with a cross where appropriate.



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