I was born in 1947 in St. Andrews Scotland and frequently lived with my family in West Africa. At 18, I moved toLondon.
Foundation Course Hornsey College of Art, London 1973
Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Fine Art

Middlesex Polytechnic 1976
(originally Hornsey College of Art)

Art Teachers Certificate (A.T.C.) Course Goldsmith’s College, University of London 1977

Having moved to Holland, I settled in Amsterdam in July 1978.
I moved to Haarlem in the autumn of 1992. This provided me with a stable base for a dynamic life as artist and teacher.
I have also been working for many years as an art therapist in psychiatric hospital and day centre settings.

Art Work

I worked originally in water colour and mixed media (including my own home made wax crayons).

Shower Series

Deckchair Series

In between: illustration commission for a children's book published in Germany

Dwerg Zwieberlieb

After working for many years in water colour, I started experimenting in 1983 with papermaking. Creating my own supply or palette of design colours and textures in sheets of felt-like paper, I incorporated these into my work on paper. Through this "collage" technique and mixed media the theme of the human figure in movement became the basis for abstraction.

Paper making

Dance and Sport Series

The next fase in my work was more structured and patterned but always with the illusion of change and polar opposites in mind.

Geometric and interwoven
New inspiration came from the paper making process and from some of the dire events happening in the world at that time. Recent work


Galerie de Witte Voet, Amsterdam March 1980
Raadhuis, Heerhugowaard December 1980
Kitsch uit de Kunst (Holland Festival) in de Meervaart Amsterdam June/July 1981
Kunst op Glad IJs Cultureel Centrum de Oosterpoort, Groningen January 1982
Presentatie Kunst 82, Weert en Den Bosch July and September 1982
Galerie Metz and Company, Amsterdam February 1984
Galerie de Witte Voet, Amsterdam November 1985
Galerie 23, Haarlem November 1992
Revalidatie Centrum, Amsterdam June 1996
Restaurant “De Gekroonde Hamer”, Haarlem (portretten studies) December 1996
Verzorgingshuis Zuiderhout, Haarlem December 1996
Portretten in Restaurant de Gekroonde Hamer, Haarlem November 1996
Polikliniek voor Flebologie, Rotterdam June 1997
Zorgcentrum Schalkweide, Haarlem September 1997
Atrium, De Geestgronden, Bennebroek 1999
Algra Dekker & De Jong, Fysiotherapie Praktijk, Haarlem November 2003
VU Medisch Centrum, Amsterdam

August to October 2010